The Ridiculous Reason Olivia Munn Is Being Trolled Over A Baseball Cap

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Wearing a baseball hat in an Instagram photo shouldn't be the end of the world, but we are living in the year 2017, and nothing about this year has been normal.
This story requires a bit of backstory. Earlier this year, Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, broke up. The couple dated for around 3 years, but consciously uncoupled in what was described as an "amicable" breakup. Okay, fine. Breakups happen. Totally not the end of the world.
Two days ago, Olivia Munn innocuously posted a selfie of herself and pal Nick Swardson captioned "BFF." He's wearing a purple and yellow Minnesota Vikings hat, probably because he was born and raised in Minnesota. And apparently fans of A-Rod and/0r Packers fans were not having it, viewing Swardson's hat as a slight against the Wisconsin team. They trolled her Instagram comments, leaving all sorts of nasty messages that we don't care to repeat.


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But one comment trope we find most annoying: those that are calling her a "distraction." Evidently people feel that Munn and Rodgers' relationship and subsequent breakup is "distracting" for the famed football star. Sports celebs are allowed to have relationships too, and sometimes those relationships don't work out, and that's okay. We're assuming that the grid-iron A-Rod is just as adept at keeping his personal life away from the game as he is at actually playing the game.
Munn posted a follow-up photo to address the trolls: she photoshopped Swardson and Rodgers onto his Viking hat and captioned the photo, "I should've asked @nickswardson to wear his other favorite hat. (Note to all friends: Please remove all sports paraphernalia whilst we hang out.)" Maybe now fans will calm down and remember that she's allowed to move on.
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