Chris Harrison Says His Kids May Need Therapy After Visiting The Bachelor Pad

There are some things in life that you simply can't unsee. Unfortunately, Chris Harrison's children had to learn that lesson the hard way at a very young age.
While discussing his new role as the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? — yes, that show, like Big Brother, still has an actual following — Harrison pivoted to talk about his time hosting the various series within The Bachelor franchise and recounted one of his more uncomfortable moments on set, Yahoo reports.
Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with that one time Jesse Palmer gave a rose to the wrong woman and then took it back during season 5 of The Bachelor.
Back when Bachelor Pad was still a show — remind me again why anyone would want a spinoff of Bachelor in Paradise? — Harrison's then-wife and their kids, who were six and eight at the time, pulled up to the Bachelor Mansion driveway before embarking on a lunch date with dad...but what they saw may have definitely ruined their appetites.
"We did this one thing where we kind of set up, they weren't't like sex swings, but it was kind of like this weird swing where the guy was strapped in and he had to pick up the girl however he could, and it was how long could you hold onto the girl," Harrison recalled.
As you can imagine, things got pretty raunchy, quickly. Harrison described the scene as one filled with bikinis, "butts hanging everywhere," and "stuff flying out."
"I turn around and I see my kids standing there looking at dad at work, and I'm just like, 'That's going to be a lot of therapy…Do I even have that conversation of what daddy's doing at work or do I just let it go and hope it'll come out later? Will they every have normal relationships, I don’t know,'" he said.
While that situation certainly sounds like it was horrifying for all parties involved, it's not quite as disturbing about the joke Harrison then made about his kids having a difficult time making an emotional connection in the future.
"'Do I love you?'" he postulated as his future child. "'I don't know, how long can I hold you? Get naked, let's find out. Daddy says that's love.'"
You can watch Harrison's full interview below:

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