Kit Harington Might Pick Up A New Hobby — & It's Very Dear

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
Kit Harington doesn't want to talk about Jon Snow, or at least he couldn't in an interview with The Cut. The Game of Thrones actor instead talked about everything but — which includes a potential new hobby. In the interview, Harington, 30, admits that he cannot live without "boiled-egg and toast soldiers." For those who haven't had the pleasure, Harington is referring to eating a soft-boiled egg served with tall slivers of toast, just narrow enough to dip into the drippy egg yolk.
"Probably boiled-egg and toast soldiers," he told The Cut's Anna Silman. "I'd just jump off a cliff [without them]. It's my comfort food."
Comfort food always errs on the side of bland, but it seems fitting that Harington chose the most basic of dishes. Kit Harington's comfort food is literally just an egg and a slice of toast.
Perhaps even more fitting: Harington joked in the interview that he'd like to maybe take up collecting egg holders.
"Do you have a special egg holder that you use?" Silman asks.
"Not one I carry around," he answers. "That’s actually something I'd like to start collecting – egg holders." Screw brooding at Wall (RIP) — collecting egg holders is Jon Snow's new favorite hobby.
Harington also discussed in the interview, among other things, his dancing abilities, the best gift he's ever given a significant other, and which of his co-workers smelled the worst. (The answers: decent, he likes to shimmy-shake; he gave his girlfriend a little stone bear once; and Sophie Turner's "pong" is "a bit bad.")
Oh, and he doesn't moisturize, because water is apparently the best moisturizer. You know nothing, Jon Snow.
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