The Corduroy Comeback Is In Full Swing

Ah, yes, the first few signs of fall are all around us. Our first hot-instead-of-iced latté, that sudden willingness to pack away our jorts, and an intense impulse to buy lots of new sweaters are all letting us know that the new season is near. But, there's one more (throwback) trend that's signifying fall as we know it in the year 2017, and that trend is corduroy. Frankly, it's inescapable.
As if the launch of an entirely new, solely-corduroy brand wasn't enough to convince us that this vintage-inspired fabric is having a major comeback this fall, corduroy pieces are flooding into every online shop we've perused this week: Jackets, flares, skirts, even corduroy dresses are knocking at our bank account's door like an old, forgotten friend. And, we don't hate it one bit — they're a fresh departure from our usual denim and leather go-to's, and the ideal compliment to all of our favorite turtlenecks and knits.
So, if there's one trend you buy into for fall, let it be this perfectly retro fabrication that's going to be so ubiquitous through winter, you'll hardly remember it ever left. Click on for our favorite corduroy pieces that'll blast you right to the past — in the best way possible.

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