Did You Notice This Sly Detail In T. Swift's Lyric Video?

The lyric video for Taylor Swift's new single "Look What You Made Me Do" is a trip — there's a lot of violent film noir imagery, like a woman in heels holding a gun and a snake eating itself. There's more to it than creepiness, though; take a closer look, and you'll find a little Death Star. Is Taylor Swift a closet Star Wars fan?
At the 1:38 mark, the words "And then the world moves on" move across the screen — along a small sphere. A small sphere that looks an awful lot like a death star.
The telltale sign of Death Star-ness is the line through the center of the sphere. That line could indicate the groove in the Death Star's exterior where Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) flew his X-Wing to find the weapon's weakness. There was a weakness in the battle station, if you'll recall. The Death Star was impenetrable, but "a small, one-man fighter should be able to penetrate the outer defense" via this tiny vulnerability. (The Rebel Alliance knew of this flaw because Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones in Rogue One, gave her life to get the floor plan of the space station.)
So, you see how the Death Star might figure into Swift's new narrative. "Look What You Made Me Do" is a revenge anthem. In the song, Swift sings about a foe that stole the "kingdom keys," therefore locking the pop star out of her pop culture "castle." This foe, which theories have cast as Kim Kardashian West, is a pop culture giant, and Swift is "rising from the dead" — something she does "all the time," as the song goes — to destroy them. Swift is sneaking her X-Wing to find a flaw in the battle station defense, apparently. Look what we made made her do.
Alternatively, in this metaphor, Taylor Swift is the Death Star, which Skywalker destroyed in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. The Empire then started building an even bigger space station. Then, in Star Wars XII: The Force Awakens, the First Order builds Starkiller Base, an even bigger-er space station. This could be Swift's Starkiller Base.
Watch the full lyric video, below.
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