Zendaya Hates Videos Of Her 13-Year-Old Self Just As Much As You Do

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Zendaya's just like you — she can't handle watching videos of her younger self. In a video for her YouTube channel, the Spider-Man: Homecoming star watched videos of her 13-year-old self, which caused some understandable duress.
"This is back when I literally had an entire alter ego. This shit is so obnoxious, I can't even," the star said as the videos rolled. E! Online was the first to report on the video. The videos were from Zendaya's Disney channel era, where, in her words, she felt she needed to emulate the same character she played on television. (For years, Zendaya played Rocky, Bella Thorne's happy-go-lucky sidekick on Shake It Up.)
"This is a place for happy, smiling faces," a 13-year-old Zendaya says in a video, her first for her YouTube channel. The young Zendaya then signs off, but not before noting with visible excitement that she was excited to go have dinner — she gives the air a good sniff as if sensing the approach of the meal.
"I smell the dinner," the 2017 Zendaya says, blanching. Her 13-year-old slogan was "Don't forget to smile."
In her younger self's defense, Zendaya explained that she wanted to become a mogul and figured YouTube would be the way to do it. And, to her credit, that is actually a viable entrée for business. YouTube vloggers are 2017's entrepreneurs. It seems to have worked for the 20-year-old, too. Zendaya is an actress, singer, entrepreneur, and — we're watching her videos, aren't we? — YouTube vlogger.
Zendaya insists in the video that her younger self was "annoying" — she says, "No wonder people was annoyed with me." We beg to differ, though. Thirteen-year-old Zendaya was a precocious, chipper kid, and there's nothing annoying about that — especially on the internet, where most people aren't very chipper.
Watch the full reaction video, below.
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