It's Okay, Meryl Streep Misses The Obamas Too

Forget your Jane Birkin basket bag — this summer’s It item is all about The Obamas.
On Tuesday, Meryl Streep, our Patron Saint of Extra Political Statements, was photographed on the set of her upcoming film The Papers wearing a purse that happens to be emblazoned with the visages of Barack and Michelle. Epic.
The ultra-kitschy handbag looks like someone used bootleg Photoshop to superimpose '08-era Barack and Michelle onto a grainy White House-decorated background. It's pure camp — and completely amazing. According to E! News, the reverse side features "Michelle posing with her hand against her head and a smirk on her face." While I'm not sure if Michelle smirks — she's definitely more of an all-knowing-smile kind of woman — that image is also phenomenal.
Obviously, seeing this photo provokes an innate desire to find, purchase, and wear said bag; its genius designer, however, is currently unknown. E! News asserts the item is custom, which I'm really hoping means handmade. (Don’t you just love the image of Meryl Streep, huddled over a lamp in her trailer, D.I.Y.-ing an Obama handbag, Etsy-style, while whispering her fiery Golden Globes acceptance speech under her breath?). Hell hath no fury — or crafting inspiration — like an Academy Award winner scorned.
While Streep and President Donald J. Trump's relationship may be limited to trading insults via public forums, her relationship with the Obamas is decidedly more rosy. In 2014, President Obama proclaimed his love for the actress when awarding her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. "I love Meryl Streep,” the president was quoted saying by White House reporter Jennifer Bendery. “Her husband knows I love her. Michelle knows I love her. There's nothing they can do about it.”
As for Streep and Michelle, the former joined the then-FLOTUS on a Let Girls Learn initiative in Morocco. Fingers crossed, that trip will one day be turned into a Thelma & Louise-style movie (Michelle & Meryl Take Morocco, anyone?). Until then, we'll take this handbag's existence as evidence of their friendship.
Though the hunt for Streep's custom version continues, we did come across this elegant bucket bag, which depicts The Obamas dancing tenderly on a gigantic Presidential Seal. Can you think of a better way to join the #BringBackObama movement?

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