We Tried The Top 4 Fast Food Soft Serves — & Here's The Creamy Winner

Everything about a crispy cake cone covered in thin wax paper and filled to the brim with a swirl of frozen soft serve on top screams summer. It's creamy, refreshing, affordable, and you can pick one up just about anywhere in the country. Case in point: fast food chains. While we may initially equate fast food restaurants with burgers and fries, most of these speedy stops also shell out soft serve. But, it's been a while since we went anywhere other than a dedicated ice cream shop for the cold treat, except maybe for a late-night McFlurry once in a while. So, we set out to taste the most popular fast food soft serves to see if the nostalgic brands we used order still measured up.
Scroll ahead for a full rundown on McDonald's, Burger King's, Wendy's, and Shake Shack's vanilla soft serve.

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