People Have No Idea That These Stunning Buildings Around The World Are Starbucks

Photo: FREDERIC BROWN/AFP/Getty Images.
As a coffee chain recognized around the world, Starbucks has its signature style down — from coffee cups to overall ambiance. Take a trip anywhere across the globe and you can usually stumble upon one out of the 26,000 stores for a familiar seat and your usual drink. But out of these 26,000 locations, there do happen to be a select handful that are notably different from the rest. And by different, we mean absolutely stunning.
Starbucks recently released the snapshots of 11 stores spanning across the world. From NYC's modern-sleek new World Trade Center shop to the living wall locale in Miami, these stores run the gamut of style and space. Some of the locations include subtler nods to their countries of origin (while still maintaining the classic Starbucks style), and others are completely immersed and nearly unrecognizable as a go-to place for a summer Frapp.
We've rounded up all of the shocking shots ahead, so scroll on to see what it's like to order from the brand in Japan or Paris.

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