A Fan May Have Just Solved Wonder Woman's Most Heartbreaking Mystery

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
If you have yet to see director, Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster smash, Wonder Woman, we recommend you go see it before reading this story because major spoilers ahead.
Now that that's out of the way. There’s a tearjerking, WTF moment that happens fairly early on in Wonder Woman. During a pivotal scene, shortly after Antiope, played by Robin Wright, slays us with her superior archery skills, she dies.
For many viewers, Wright’s badass portrayal of Diana Prince’s aunt was an unexpected treat. Her early death triggered collective gasps heard around theaters everywhere. However, as Glamour pointed out, one Reddit user came up with an interesting theory about the major bummer. It all goes back to how she died.
Antiope met her untimely end by jumping in front of Diana (a.k.a. Wonder Woman), to save her from a German soldier pointing an arrow at her heart. However, as we learn later on in the film, second spoiler, Wonder Woman is SO not mortal. Like, dude, she’s an actual god. Meaning a soldier of the Third Reich touting a man-made tool is no match for an immortal woman "made of clay" from Themyscira. Amirite?
Wonder Woman’s auntie is also fully aware of her niece’s godly status. That's why she trained Diana so damn hard. So why the death leap from aunt Antiope? According to Reddit user GoesOff_On_Tangent, she leapt in front of Diana so she wouldn't know the real truth.
"If Diana took a bullet and found herself not affected by it, she'd then start thinking,'Holy s--t, am I a superhuman or a god or something? Will I not be hurt or killed by anything?' Antiope was worried that if Diana found this out, she'd either just run into a battle with Ares head on, or do something stupid that Ares would find her more easily," the Redditor commented.
"[Antiope] trained her harder than anyone, personally made her the strongest Amazonian, and if Diana figured out that she was a god, she wouldn't have to work as hard anymore or even fight as toughly," the user continued.
At this point, we'll latch on to any theory that can justify Antiope's heartbreaking gone-too-soon storyline.

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