Justine Skye Will Never Give Up Her Purple Hair — And We Aren't Mad

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We've got a passion for purple hair 'round these parts — and for good reason. Unlike some rainbow colors, the hue look amazing on everyone, all over the globe. But especially Justine Skye, who's known around the world wide web as The Purple Unicorn. If anyone deserves the title, it's the 21-year-old singer/songwriter: she's been dyeing her hair in various shades of the regal color since she was 16.
"It's become a comfort zone for me," Skye explains to Refinery29. "It's my thing. It's become part of my character, and who I am. And it was actually the only color my mom let me dye my hair when I was younger...then it just became something that I stuck with."
Thank all things rainbow that she did. Skye's ever-changing look (seriously, she's known to switch things up every few days) has inspired othera to play with color, too. We're guessing that's why Dark and Lovely tapped Skye to be their newest hair color ambassador. Fun fact: She was also the muse behind Passion Plum, a shade from their Go Intense! line of permanent hair dyes.
Even though the masses go crazy for Skye's colorful style, the purple lifestyle is one that she's accustomed to. "My hair isn't a crazy thing for me anymore," she says. "It's natural for me to have purple hair. I don't even remember what I looked like without purple hair — it's not even a second thought for me at this point. I always have different shades of purple depending on what my mood is, or what I'm doing. I like to experiment with that, but my hair will always be purple."
Ahead, see why we're looking forward to a few more forevers with queen Justine.
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September 2013

"This is my natural curl pattern, which I haven't really rocked in a while. Aww, I kind of miss my curls! But because I dye my hair and I'm always getting it straightened, it doesn't really curl like that anymore. Now I just wear it up since my curl pattern got messed up."
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Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images.
February 2016

"Sometimes I get bored with super-long, straight hair, so I do a little chop. This was for Fashion Week, and I was feeling the flair-out hair — very '70s. And glossy lips are my thing. I prefer them over matte."
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Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
November 2016

"My outfit was very sporty and funky, so I wanted my hair to be super old-school Hollywood and elegant with the curls. For the makeup, I love my highlighter and had to make sure that was on 10."
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Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images.
December 2016

"The middle part, super bone-straight, 30 inches — I think that's like my signature hairstyle. It's what people best know me for. Normally, I only do a nude or a glossy lip. But here, I was headlining at Webster Hall and wanted to do something a little different."
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Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images.
May 2016

"I rocked this for a little bit — a bob and a bang. Super fun. I was wearing a fun outfit, and wanted to switch things up and add a curl to it. Since my hair is always purple, my glam depends on what I'm wearing instead of the other way around. It's very important that everything is cohesive."
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Photo: Mark Sagliocco/FilmMagic.
May 2016

"I love going to balls! This was fun. Those type of events give you the opportunity to make a statement. I did a light finger wave — a style I've always wanted to try. It was a lot about the dress, too: a very flowy dress with light accessories. I wanted the hair to be up and still make a statement as well. I didn't cut my hair for this, but this is the shortest style I've ever done."
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Photo: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images.
October 2016

"I wanted to wear my hair slicked back, out of my way and out of my face. It was all of my outfit. Generally, I don't like to wear the color purple so much, since my hair is purple.

"When I'm dyeing, I try to refresh at least once a month. It helps keep my hair moisturized. If I don't dye my hair, it'll get dry and brittle. But with a fresh coat, it's all better."
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Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images.
January 2017

"This is one of my favorite hairstyles. My hair was fading, but the waves made it cool. It was unintentional, but pretty awesome."
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Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage.
February 2017

"This hairstyle had a wave in the back to make it sweeter, since my outfit was pretty bright and girly. When I'm doing a straight style, I always prime my hair with a heat protectant. And you know I gotta use my edge control."
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Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.
February 2017

"I was in London for fashion week, and my hair was super long. It was one of those moments where I got over it. I wanted a cute, funky bob...it was a Topshop show, you know? Very young and fun."
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Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images.
March 2017

"I was rocking a ponytail for a while, because I had taken my weave out. It was an easy hairstyle to do. I was normally doing a bone-straight ponytail, but for this event, I was wearing a long dress and wanted to do something brighter and prettier. I didn't want something sharp."
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April 2017

"I knew that I was going to be away at a festival, and wanted a protective hairstyle that I wouldn't have to do when I woke up in the morning. Box braids are the easiest, they're super-cute, and very Coachella-y. This took about like four or five hours. I start really early in the morning, like 5 a.m., so I still have the rest of the day."
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