Bella Hadid Jumped Out Of A Plane Like It Was No Big Deal

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...Hadid? Yep, during a quick break from stomping down the runway, Bella Hadid decided to gain a little more altitude and jump out of a plane.
During a trip to Dubai, the model du jour decided to book a flight that included a dramatic drop. InStyle reports that Hadid has been spending the last few days in Dubai, which is about as far as possible from the mayhem of Coachella, which is where a slew of other models (and celebs) spent the weekend. So while she didn't catch Lady Gaga's epic set, Hadid did manage to capture an Instagram video that'll give some people a case of vertigo and everyone else a major adrenaline rush. While a skydiving vid is nothing new, Hadid's wasn't just about the rush of the jump. In fact, while most people quake in their flight suits prior to the big leap, Hadid wrote that she "never felt so calm." It may have been a little bit facetious, however, since she posted the comment in all caps and added a slew of emoji (halo-wearing smileys and butterflies, to be exact).
In the video, we can see Hadid take the jump and throw double rock-on hand symbols as she plummets towards earth. We're guessing she has a lot of practicing looking stoic, but she didn't hide any of her emotions during the fall, flashing a huge smile the entire time.
Skydiving wasn't the only thing on Hadid's agenda for this particular trip. She was there on assignment for Dior's makeup line (she's the brand's official face), but managed to fill up her downtime, too. In addition to thrill-seeking, Hadid spent some time with exotic cars (we have a feeling she's got a thing for speed) and lounged with pals on a yacht.
In case you didn't know, the Dubai skyline makes for some killer selfies โ€” and Hadid took full advantage. Let's just say that this flying Hadid puts the "super" in supermodel in a whole new way.

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