How You Can Use Your Period To Support Reproductive Rights

Photographed by Megan Madden.
In light of the Trump administration's recent attacks on Planned Parenthood, many organizations are finding creative ways to fight back.
#SyncWithUs, a grassroots team of volunteers, is rallying people to put their periods to work for Planned Parenthood. As part of a fundraising effort, the campaign works by having people “pledge their period” by signing up for recurring monthly donations. The donations would presumably happen while you're on your period, though you can also pledge in the name of a loved one, or even if you don't get periods at all.
The "sync" motif, of course, refers to the idea that periods can sync up when people who get them live together or are in close proximity for long periods of time.
#SyncWithUs co-leads Isabel Friedman and Natalie Volpe say that the idea came about during a post-election discussion.
"We decided to stop licking our wounds and start getting to work on what mattered: fighting like hell to protect reproductive rights," Friedman said in a statement.
As the GOP has promised to defund Planned Parenthood and has already taken steps towards doing so, many of us need to fight for Planned Parenthood's services now more than ever.
You can find out more about #SyncWithUs on the organization's website.

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