Pro Secrets To Perfect Hookup Hair — Straight From The Sets Of The Sexiest TV Shows

Photo: ABC/Photofest.
Getting out of bed with the perfect post-hookup hair — tousled, undone, rumpled — is one of those things that only happens on-screen. If you're having great sex, the reality is that your hair is going to be tangled and sweaty and all over the pillowcase (just us?) after the fact. So while we're certainly not going to discourage you from spending all day rolling around in the sheets, if you have other places to be and want hair that's messy, sexy, and full of volume, you're going to want to partner up with some products instead.

To get the secrets behind some bedhead looks we love, we went straight to the hairstylists on a few of our favorite shows: Girls, Sex and the City, and Scandal. They know the tricks for making hair look just right in the heat of the moment — and after. And considering Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, what better time to brush up than now? Click through the slides ahead for the tools, sprays, and powders that will give you instant Marilyn hair. Then sweep a little Nars Orgasm across your cheekbones and no one has to know you've been in a dry spell for the last six months. (Which, psst, will be over very soon, considering how crazy-hot you look.)

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