This V-Day Gift Is More Permanent Than Marriage — & A Lot More Fun

Love can be fleeting, which is exactly why relationships and body art don't always mix. Take, for example, Johnny Depp’s infamous “Wino Forever” tribute, which once contained an extra "na." Or perhaps the lesser-known instance of Adrienne Bailon’s unfortunately placed tattoo for ex Rob Kardashian. Both well-intentioned; both ultimately erased. But not every inked declaration of love has to spell doom — far from it. In fact, we've got just the thing for a Valentine's Day gift you and your partner will never forget.

New York Adorned
, the tattoo and piercing parlor of choice for NYC cool-girls, and its sister shop, Love Adorned, have collaborated with Brooklyn-based jewelry brand Scosha to offer an exclusive deal that celebrates the romantic holiday in the most permanent way possible. (And no, we don’t mean marriage. Have you seen the divorce rates lately?)
If you happen to be in the area, starting today you can head to either Love Adorned or Scosha to pick out matching love-themed tattoos (to be redeemed at New York Adorned) and a piece of chic jewelry, too. You could choose together, or you could preserve the element of surprise by bringing your unsuspecting S.O. to the tattoo shop and breaking the news there. Either way, it’s the peak display of undying love — or, at the very least, a kind of love that isn’t afraid of a potentially painful removal process.

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