Celebrities Are Slaying This Hard-To-Pull-Off Trend

Photo: 247PAPS.TV/Splash News.
Out of all the taboo, hard-to-style trends out there in the market, nothing feels quite as intimidating than camouflage. True fans of the print may prefer a military-inflected wardrobe (or perhaps they grew up wearing the pattern), while others might consider themselves more Posh Spice-esque, still needing that first nudge to get their feet wet. But thankfully, as with most looks that make recurrent street style appearances, we've always got a reliable squad of stylish celebrities to test-drive a certain look, guiding us toward how we, too, can pull it off. So, in the case of camo, let Rihanna be your North Star.

But she's not the only one feeling the pattern at the moment. Even the likes of Gigi Hadid are getting into the army vibes these days. And whether or not the style warriors are bracing themselves for battle (or if they're just staking their claims as the leaders of their own brat packs), we feel a little bit better about seeing the trend making its rounds again. After all, the last time we saw this much camo in one place was Spiceworld: The Movie, and those gals are untouchable. But the real question is: Will we even be able to spot these celebs since, you know, they're wearing camouflage and all?

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