Kylie's & ColourPop's V-Day Collections Are Undeniably Similar

There's long been speculation about the relationship between Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop — namely, the similarities between ColourPop's liquid lipstick and Kylie's infamous lip kits. We put the rumor to rest when the parent company Seed Beauty revealed exclusively to Refinery29 that they do indeed produce both items at the same campus outside of L.A. Kylie later verified the news, saying that although they are created at the same place, they are in fact very different.

But, it looks like she might have to defend that position yet again. This week, both Kylie and Colourpop revealed their upcoming, highly-anticipated Valentine's Day collections. Notice anything... off?

The Smooch, Kiss Me, and SweetHeart mini valentines! #February2 #ValentinesCollection

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Yeah, anyone with eyes can see that the packaging and formula are nearly identical — with the only variations being the shades and the inscription inside. ColourPop's say "Be Mine" while Kylie's are emblazoned with "Xoxo, Kylie." (Because of course.)

While both collections feature even more original launches (Kylie is debuting two blush shades and ColourPop has new Lippie Stixs coming out), the two limited edition duos do make us wonder: What's the difference — besides, most likely, price point? We'll update this story as we find out.


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