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How Lipstick Is Made In 2016 May Surprise You

This video shows exactly how lipstick is made at ColourPop's L.A. factory.

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Remember way back when (yesterday) when we teased a video that would show exactly how the magic happens at ColourPop's Southern California factory? Well, today's the day we're showing you how the brand's newest matte lipstick is made. There's a lot to like about ColourPop: Its products all retail for under $10, they're made in the U.S., they're cruelty-free, and, um, they're cousins of Kylie's Lip Kits. But even with value, local economies, and the well-being of four-legged friends aside, the on-trend finishes and insanely vibrant colors could win over just about anyone. (And yes, all that mystery behind the brand has probably helped generate some buzz, too.) In the short two years since siblings Laura and John Nelson started the experimental brand, it has garnered a cult following. If you caught yesterday's story debunking the rumors surrounding the company, you know that a dash of mystique mixed with a clever business model has all but positioned ColourPop as a cosmetics heavyweight — seemingly overnight. Speed is key for ColourPop, as it has ushered in a successful model for fast beauty by cutting out the middleman (retail), taking its cues from the people who matter most (the consumers), and bringing affordable new products to market in as little time as five days. (We'll pause here for impact. Did you get that? It's major.) Its new Matte X lipstick took a bit more time to formulate, but it was worth the wait. How do we know? Because we suited up in hair nets and protective eyewear and got the 411 on the brand's latest launch. (And for the record, yes, the factory does have an ever-present scent of vanilla in the air from all the sweet-smelling lip colors.) Ready for your Matte X crash course? Press "play" above as we follow Poppin' — a bright, cheery pink — from pigment to product.
How ColourPop Makes Its Products VideoReleased on May 26, 2016

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