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Watch This Mesmerizing Video Of Peppers Becoming Sriracha

We're taking you behind-the-scenes on how Sriracha is made.

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If 2017 has you looking for a brief escape, this soothingly hypnotic video of peppers transforming into Sriracha is exactly what the (condiment) doctor ordered. After all, who knew that the process for making our favorite tangy, spicy topping — the one we slather on everything from eggs and avo to barbecued beef —could be so entrancing?! Referred to as "Rooster sauce" by those in-the-know, Sriracha's been around since the 80s, when David Tran, the mix's inventor, started selling his miraculous concoction to Asian restaurants across California after emigrating from Vietnam. Fast-forward to today, where Sriracha is produced in a 650,000 square-foot factory, grinding one hundred million pounds of red jalapeños, into brunch's go-to topping, per year (spoiler: Sriracha's peppers are only in season for four months, so never feel guilty about grabbing that extra emergency bottle for your stash). Watch the video above to see the mesmerizing way the universe's most coveted garlic-y, sweet sauce gets made. We swear we can smell the peppers from here.
Sriracha Recipe Spicy Sauce - How Sriracha Is MadeReleased on February 3, 2017

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