A Brief Reminder Of Everyone Who Has Died On Scandal

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Warning: Spoilers for ABC’s Scandal ahead.
In just a few short weeks, Scandal will be back for its sixth season. While last season focused on primarily on the political moves of the presidential hopefuls on their respective campaign trails, the series will resume by allowing the chips to fall and determine who succeeds President Grant in office.
Under the lights of the debate stages and camera flashes framing the candidates, we’ve lost sight of the kind of sinister plans that typically drive both Scandal and Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm. Before it started to take its “political drama” descriptor so seriously, Scandal could very well have gone by the name of another Shonda Rhimes drama, How to Get Away Murder. Pope & Associates have both covered and uncovered the truth behind the deaths of multiple characters. Why use law and order to solve problems when Huck has a drill and Papa Pope is omnipresent?
In preparation for the show’s return on January 19, and with hopes that shocking murders will once again challenge us to live tweet faster than we’ve ever done before on Thursdays, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Here is a list of just about everyone who has died on Scandal. May they rest in peace.
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Amanda Tanner (Season 1)
She got in over her head when her boyfriend convinced her to say she was having an affair with President Fitzgerald Grant. Despite Olivia’s best intentions to keep her safe, Cyrus’s henchmen still managed to take her out.
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Gideon Wallace (Season 1)
A reporter for the DC Sun was killed by Amanda Tanner’s boyfriend Billy Chambers with a pair of scissors to the neck. Gideon knew that Tanner was pregnant, and because Chambers had orchestrated this whole scenario, Gideon was a threat.
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Jesse Tyler (Season 1)
Quinn’s ex-boyfriend may have been a minor character, but his death set a ball rolling that would drive the show for seasons to come. Hollis Doyle was responsible for the bomb that killed Tyler and several others.
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Verna Thornton (Season 2)
President Grant killed an already-dying Verna when he learned that she helped rig the election in his favor. How ungrateful.
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Jerry Grant (Season 2)
Fitz’s dad is one of the few characters on Scandal to die of natural causes. He suffered a heart attack, a surprisingly mild death for the rapist and douchebag.
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Grayden Osborne (Season 2)
Billy Chambers hit the CIA Director with the old “make it look like a suicide” trick.
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Britta Kagen (Season 2)
Poor Britta was collateral damage in the assassination attempt on Fitz’s life, executed by Huck’s boo Becky.
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Harrison Wright (Season 3)
In a murder that hit too close to home, one of Olivia’s gladiators was taken out by her father. Harrison discovered the B613 plot to assassinate the President’s son, so command had one of his henchmen shoot him, execution style.
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Adnan Salif (Season 3)
This terrorist beauty met a similar fate to her boyfriend Harrison's after Rowan found out that she was working Olivia Pope’s mom to plant a bomb during the president’s speech.
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Jerry Fitzgerald Jr. (Season 3)
The First Family’s son was basically assassinated via deadly flu strain because Rowan was being an overprotective father.
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James Novak (Season 3)
Jake Ballard killed Cyrus Beene’s husband and made it look like carjacking because James was doing his job as a journalist. He didn’t deserve to die.
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Daniel Douglas Langston (Season 3)
Sally Langston murdered him because he was gay. She takes he conservative values very seriously.
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Maya Lewis/Wallace (Season 3)

Olivia Pope's mother has been an international spy ever since she was a teenager. She even bamboozled her husband and head of the shady government task force B613, Eli Pope, and sold CIA secrets.

After escaping from his captivity and getting right back to her old tricks, Maya was captured by Eli once more and is certainly dead.

Or is she? Proof or it didn't happen.
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Franklin Russell (Season 4)
The relationship between Franklin and his killer, Jake, is weird. First Franklin wanted to be like Jake. Then he tried to kill Jake. But Jake actually killed him. I think this is called brotherhood in B613.
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Andrew Nichols (Season 5)
There was no white hat in sight when Olivia Pope bashed Nichol’s face in. He was responsible for her kidnapping and subsequent PTSD, so he kind of had it coming.
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Governor Frankie Vargas (Season 6)
We didn't get to see much of Gov. Vargas in season 5 as he was a democrat in our fictional world of beloved Republicans. We should have taken this as an early sign that he wasn't meant to survive. Vargas won the presidential election, but he didn't even get to give his victory speech before he was assassinated by an unconfirmed assailant. A tip line informant claims that it was Cyrus Beene, but learning the truth is going to be a major plot point for this season.
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