Harry Potter Wedding Cakes Are Only For Hardcore Fans (Like Us)

At its core, the Harry Potter series is all about the power of love. Fans know all too well that Harry's ability to love is what helps him save the day time and time again. That's exactly why so many millennial couples are now choosing to incorporate J.K. Rowling's beloved tale into their wedding days.

While some diehard fans infuse that HP magic into every aspect of their special days, others give smaller nods to the iconic series. One popular way of doing this is with Harry Potter wedding cakes. Harry Potter-loving pairs are getting super-creative with these delicious reception focal points. Cakes range from fantastically elaborate to subtly chic, but they all give a special shout-out to the wizarding world. These cakes would make Dumbledore, a.k.a. love's biggest advocate, seriously proud. Take a look at some of our favorites, ahead.
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You may not be able to go to Hogwarts Castle in real life, but you can have it as your wedding cake.
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Photo: via @alexamunhew.
Turning tiers into your favorite wizardry reading material is genius.
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We're obsessed with this reference to one of the most epic stories of love in the entire series.
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Photo: via @ashleybakery.
Gryffindor couples will adore this three-tiered beauty.
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Photo: via @greybur.
Patronuses make perfect cake-toppers.
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Photo: via @tierbytier.
No doubt Dobby would take being featured on a wedding cake as a huge honor.
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Photo: via @the_lion_princess.
This one is totally elegant while still repping HP love.
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Photo: via @_kgmyers_.
Bookworm Hermione would love this one.
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A cake made entirely of magical memorabilia.

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