Your Complete Guide To The Hosts & Guests of Westworld

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Like many of the greatest TV shows — Game of Thrones, The Wire Westworld has quite the assortment of characters. And quite the ensemble cast, including Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris. Oh, and to top it off? The series also includes the elusive third Hemsworth and Skarsgard, if you need any more reason to tune in.
We met a ton of people in the premiere episode — hosts, guests, park engineers and managers — and were introduce to more each week. Here's a handy guide to all the characters who have appeared so far on Westworld. Don't worry: We'll be updating this slideshow as needed throughout the season. And if you need a primer on the series itself, we've also got you covered on that front. Happy watching!
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Angela (Talulah Riley)

We first met Angela several episodes earlier; she was the host who helped Will first get settled into his hotel room at Westworld. In the eighth episode, Angela appears as a damsel in distress and is helped by William and the Man In Black (who recognizes Angela when he sees her). It is revealed, however, that she was just luring the men into an ambush by Wyatt and his men.
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Peter Abernathy

Dolores' host-father is about to become an important character. Charlotte implants all of Westworlds' guests data in Peter, and tries to smuggle him out of the park. However, Peter escapes.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Sylvester & Felix (Ptolemy Slocum & Leonardo Nam)

The "butchers" are charged with repairing the hosts when they are injured or broken. They're supposed to regard the hosts like pieces of meat or simple machines, which Sylvester does a pretty good job of. Felix, however, is thinking bigger. He stole a coding device to experiment with bringing a bird back to life, which he succeeds at. These two are now under Maeve's thumb, essentially, and will be important either way to her continued self-realization.
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Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson)

The executive director of Delos and Westworld's board is a powerful and self-possessed woman. We're introduced to her when a drunk Lee Sizemore hits on her at the pool bar. But it soon becomes clear that Charlotte is not fucking around. She means business, and will do whatever necessary to protect the park's intellectual property and ultimately take the park back from Ford.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins)

While he might share a name with the late crack-smoking mayor of Toronto and the coward who shot Jesse James, Dr. Ford is more like the closest thing to God in Westworld. He not only founded the park, but serves as its creative director and head programmer. Think of him as Westworld's equivalent of Jurassic Park's Dr. John Hammond — brilliant, but possibly unaware of just how powerful his creations could become.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
William (Jimmi Simpson)

We follow Will on his first journey into Westworld. His friend Logan has brought him along to let loose and have fun, but Will is hesitant. He's a very unusual guest in that he clearly has a problem with the terrible treatment of the hosts — regarding them more like humans being exploited than robots doing their job. This stands in stark contrast to Logan. Will could be crucial to helping the hosts in the future.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton)

Maeve is the owner and madam of the Sweetwater saloon and brothel. The host is quick-witted as she is sexy, and seems to have a penchant for not only seducing people but reading into them. She also seems like she's seen a lot of shit go down in Westworld, and comes off as a little jaded about living there.

But another dark part of Westworld is certain hosts get swapped into new story lines all the time, so who knows how long she's been playing the part of madame. There seems to definitely be something darker in her past lives at the park.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood)

The sweet, innocent and beautiful rancher's daughter has been a host in the park since its inception. When her father and her beloved, Teddy, are killed during the premiere episode, and Dolores is raped by a newcomer (a.k.a. park guest) called the Man in Black, it becomes clear that her sunny exterior houses decades upon decades of dormant trauma.

But we also know that Dolores is different from the rest of the hosts: At the end of episode 1, she kills a fly that lands on her skin — even though hosts are not supposed to be able to harm living things.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
The Man in Black (Ed Harris)

Ah, the most mysterious character of all. We wish we could tell you precisely what the hell is going on with the insidious MIB, but all we know is he's basically the super-villain of Westworld. He's been a guest at the park for 30 years, and evidently has some sick desires: We've already seen him slash a man's throat, bleed out the body, and scalp him. He also sexually assaulted Dolores early on in the first episode — and cruelly teases her for not remembering all the times its happened before.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Teddy Flood (James Marsden)

Teddy has the look of a quintessential Old Western cowboy. He's got charm, a natural talent for gun-slinging and a soft spot for Dolores. While at first we're led to believe he is a human guest, we soon found out when he tries to save Dolores and her dad from bandits and the Man In Black that Teddy is actually a host. His story line seems to always begin again on a train, coming into town to find his sweetheart.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright)

The brainy, quixotic head programmer works closely with the engineers and scientists to oversee the creation and programming of Westworld's hosts. He's worried about some recent behavioral glitches and the possibility that the hosts — namely Dolores — are becoming increasingly sentient. Update: Bernard is a host.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen) - DEAD

Theresa is a corporate big-wig charged with keeping park operations running smoothly. She is Westworld's equivalent of a quality assurance manager, as well as the person to step in at the threat of danger and "manage" liabilities — i.e. hosts that are becoming too conscious or too emotional.
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Lawrence/El Lazo

Yep, they are one and the same. If the likely theory that the show is running on (at least) two timelines is true, then El Lazo probably precedes Lawrence. Lawrence and the Man In Black go way back and seem to have a fraught history; El Lazo helps Will and Dolores escape the Confederados.
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Logan (Ben Barnes)

Logan is a return visitor to the park, and this time he's brought along his apprehensive friend Will in hopes of loosening him up. Logan freely indulges in the hedonistic pleasures that Westworld has to offer, killing men and sleeping with women with abandon. His stance on the hosts is the opposite of Will's, which could set them up for a huge conflict in which Will will defend a host from Logan.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan) -DEAD

Maeve's top working girl is one of the most popular "attractions" in the park. She is beautiful, alluring and, by design, there to satisfy the guests' every desire.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal)

Armistice is Hector's badass co-lead. She seems to be willing to do whatever she needs to survive.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward) - DEAD

Elsie is Bernard's cynical deputy. Her job as an engineer is to diagnose and correct the behavioral abnormalities of the hosts. When no one is watching (we think), she steals a kiss from the recently reprogrammed brothel host Clementine.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman)

The head-writer has presented himself like a real asshole thus far. But apparently he's pretty good at his job: He is in charge of creating the narratives that guide the hosts and entertain the guests, and of rejiggering the plots when they need to take certain hosts out of circulation.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro)

Westworld’s most-wanted robber leads a gang of dangerous outlaws (along with Armistice) that takes the "wild" in "Wild West" pretty seriously.
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Photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy of HBO.
Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth)

The head of security seems like a pretty serious (and well-armed) dude. His job is to ensure the security of the park and the safety of the guests, especially during their interactions with the hosts. He works closely with head of ops Theresa Cullen, who has him lead a team down to Level 83 to check out a problem.
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Ford's "Dad"

Ford's "father" helms the family of Ford's pet-hosts, unregistered hosts that were created by Ford to model his own real family — including a little Rob Ford. They live in a covert cabin, are completely controlled by Ford, and, as first generation robots, are totally machine-based. When Bernie sees this man, he calls him "Arnold." Is this the mysterious Arnold?

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