The Halloween Costume That Never Goes Out Of Style: Minnie Mouse

Photo: PASCAL DELLA ZUANA/Sygma/Getty Images.
Let's be honest: Our lifelong love affair with Minnie Mouse began at a young age and has continued, well, forever. So while adults dressing up as children's cartoon characters can seem a little weird, Minnie was our Elsa, which is why she's still the best go-to if all you can find is a set of mouse ears. After all these decades, this chick still owns her canary-yellow heels like nobody’s business — and so should you.

Ahead, we're offering our favorite takes on the iconic costume to help you figure out what kind of Minnie you'll want to be this year. Because that's the best part of dressing up as her: There's no one way to be Minnie. It's helpful, however, to know where to start. First thing's first: the ears. Now, let's figure out what to do with these polka dots...
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Minnie goes to the ball.
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Photo via @akariicosplay.
Classic red, classic Minnie (and with an iPhone case of Sleeping Beauty Castle to match).
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Photo via @sexydisneystuff.
"I'm a mouse, duh."
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Photo via @diana_marcela28.
Go sequins or go home.
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Photo via @nicolaasjames.
Pin-up Minnie and her giant tulle bow is one of the more creative takes we've seen.
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Down to the gloves, this one did her research.
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.Photo via @beagle_mommy14
Hi, can we borrow those socks? Thanks.
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Photo via @brianna_dptro.
D.I.Y. Minnie is in the house.
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Photo via @_stef_g_.
Don't forget your heart nose!
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Photo via @astantooy.
There's that iconic Minnie curtesy.
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Photo via @lynnsrags.
The more polka dots, the better.
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This one's ideal for that October chill.
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Not a detail left untouched! Bravo.
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Perfect Minnie makeup, with bold red lips that pop.
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Photo via UPROXX.
Of course Minnie would wear Louboutins.
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If yellow heels aren't your thing, yellow pearls is a subtle way to incorporate the bold color into your costume.
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A Minnie outfit with separate pieces that you can wear again (and again).
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Photo via Lindsey Sollund.
We suggest black eyeliner for the perfect heart nose.
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Photo via Holidappy.
This is how Avril Lavigne would do Minnie (if that were to ever happen).
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Photo via Phyllis Li.
Maybe you're born with them (like Minnie), but otherwise, enhance your lashes to animate your costume.
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Photo via Etsy.
Totally in her element. (Kudos for the Converse switch-up.)
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Photo via @jessika_flowers.
Don't own the perfect shoe hue? This Minnie is a DIY genius: yellow socks over ballet flats.
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Photo via Her Campus.
Is that a tail? Good call.
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Photo via Morgan O'Brien.
What's better than a Minnie? A Mickey, too!
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Photo via @sugarbeecrafts.
This tutu is too cute.
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We're loving this Minnie's nerdy-chic vibes.
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Photo via @bexbeckyboo.
This Minnie looks ready to hit the mall.
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Photo via @princessmillyy.
Okay, this explains why a lot of people are afraid of mice.
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Photo via @shopmarlu.
This must be Minnie's evil twin.
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Photo via @parishilton.
And lastly, Paris Hilton's take on the classic costume.

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