All The Trends Kim Kardashian Tried To Bring Back This Summer

I follow more Kardashian-Jenner fan accounts on Instagram than I'd like to admit (hi, @teamkimye, @bound2west, and @noriwestsource). And while it may be for personal enjoyment, it's also for professional research — how else can one possibly keep up with every outfit Kim Kardashian wears?

It was through these channels that I realized the 35-year-old reality star-turned-most-famous-woman-ever (yes, that is my own definition) was sporting an array of trends this summer that most people haven't dared to bring back into rotation. While so many in and out of the industry are still looking toward the grunge and oversized silhouettes of the '90s, Kimmy was taking things one step further, resurrecting pieces like acid wash jeans and bodycon dresses, pieces that so many people had sworn to never wear again. And you know what? She made every. single. one. of these questionable items look pretty damn amazing. Am I biased? Probably. But one click through the outfits ahead and you might just agree.
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Photo: Ada Houghton/GC Images.
Acid-Wash Jeans
I mean, it's hard to not immediately gravitate toward the "SEX" choker on Kim's neck. But I digress... This isn't just a prime example of couples' matching. This is an '80s trend resurgence at its finest; and when paired with one of her signature oversized camel coats, well, she might just have us convinced.
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Denim Over-The-Knee Boots
These are one of those pieces that I'm not even sure was ever actually a trend. Yet somehow, she makes them look good (even though most members of the R29 fashion team were scratching their heads after one look at this outfit). Still, Kim loves to play with proportions, and while most fashion rule-followers would likely say if you're only 5-foot-3 you shouldn't wear a minidress with thigh-highs, she says fuck it and makes it look pretty damn good, too.
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As a Kardashian devotee, I honestly never thought I'd see any member of the family resurrect this trend again. But, then again, that's what I love most about that crowd: They never cease to surprise me. To be honest, this highlighter orange number is a far cry from those Herve Leger pieces of years past, and I appreciate how she styled it with low, strappy heels and an oversize, light-wash denim jacket, as opposed to some sky-high pumps and a leather topper.
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Photo: WCP/Javiles/FAMEFLYNET.
Bike Shorts
Note: These are in no way meant for the gym (nor those uphill sprints Kimmy shows off on Snapchat). No, these are meant for strutting your damn stuff, and for being paired with heels and a $1.25 million diamond ring. Work it.
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Extra-Large T-Shirt
First off, if you're even considering emulating this look, let's skip the cornrows appropriation, shall we? Now that we've gotten that out of the way: Wearing an oversized tee as a dress is one thing; wearing one that reads, "What if we fucked at this Vogue party?" is another. So there's that. Question: Does Kim have some type of biker short situation underneath to avoid any Lindsay Lohan circa 2004 disasters? And how many hours (and people) do we think it took to lace up those boots? Leave it to Kim Kardashian to inspire so many questions with a simple Gildan shirt.

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