Stranger Things Producer Teases Famous Faces Coming In Season 2

Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things will officially be back for a second season, and its trailer is already spawning speculation about what that season might hold.

We have some hints of what that might be from executive producer Shawn Levy, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at some serious length.

The second season is largely plotted, as you could probably have guessed based on the fact that the episode titles were included with the teaser.

"We have mapped out the season," Levy tells THR. "We certainly know all of our big moves and our big ideas. But now it's very much in process as far as the writing goes. I don't want to be more specific as far as how many episodes I've already read outlines or scripts for; it's in process."

You might also expect to see some famous faces in the second season. But don't expect them to be cast just because the Duffer Brothers are enamored of their star power.

"Certain actors that you have definitely heard of have raised their hand with real interest to be a part of it," Levy tells THR. "But I don't know that just because those are available that opportunity makes them the right ideas."

While we would definitely welcome an expanded cast, we hope they don't just have E.T. waddle out and wave to the crowd. Given their so-far-deft hand at the series, we aren't worried in the slightest.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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