It’s Official: Stranger Things Will Return For Season 2

Get ready to take another trip to the Upside Down. Stranger Things will return for nine episodes in 2017. And yes, that's one more episode than the first season. Netflix released a short teaser that declares the adventure will continue and will be more '80s than ever. Season 2 of Stranger Things will reportedly pick up in the fall of 1984, a year after Will Byers first disappeared. The thriller, an homage to your favorite '80s movies, became everyone's favorite show of the summer, charming us with its monsters, waffles, and secret worlds. Not to mention, its adorable cast of newbie stars, who are very excited to return. Gaten Matarazzo (a.k.a. Dustin) posted a sweet video thanking fans for all their support. Though, we don't know if he's more excited about Stranger Things Season 2 or Starbucks.

Thanks for all the help guys.

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In an interview with EW, the creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, promise that your favorite kids from Hawkins, Indiana will be back. And they'll be joined by four new characters who expand the Stranger Things world beyond the small town setting. One caveat, though: Eleven's return "is up in the air," according to the brothers. The Duffers cited director James Cameron as a big inspiration for this sequel. “I know movie sequels get a lot of shit, but the ones we look up to aspire to pivot and do something different,” Matt Duffer said, noting Cameron has made a lot of good ones: Aliens, Terminator 2. "I think one of the reasons his sequels are as successful as they are is he makes them feel very different without losing what we loved about the original. So I think we kinda looked to him and what he does and tried to capture a little bit of the magic of his work." But what about Barb? Well, the Duffer Brothers had nothing to say about her, but did say we will be returning to the Upside Down in season 2, which could be a sign that Barb will get some justice. Unsurprisingly, news of the show's renewal immediately took Twitter by storm, with many fans tweeting their excitement. So. Many. GIFs. Others had some suggestions for the creators. "I hope the Duffer Brothers just ignore the internet while planning Stranger Things 2," one fan tweeted. "Because the last thing the show needs is fan service."

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