Bella Thorne Kissed A Girl, But That Doesn't Mean They're Dating

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Up until last week, Bella Thorne was one half of a new Hollywood power couple, alongside fellow Disney alum Gregg Sulkin. On August 15, the two announced their amicable breakup with a dramatic statement to People. Since the split, Thorne and Sulkin have been proceeding their separate ways, with Thorne now promoting her single life and individual career on social media.

The actress has recently made headlines for borderline oversharing on social media — even tweeting about her colonoscopy. Her candidness has touched on a plethora of topics, ranging from acne to mean girls in Hollywood. But, yesterday Thorne got really personal.

The 18-year-old tweeted "Yes" when a random Twitter follower asked her if she was bisexual. The question arose after pictures and videos of Thorne kissing an (at the time) unidentified woman started circulating online. Since then, the woman has been revealed to be someone close to Thorne: her longtime friend, Bella Pendergast.

But a picture of two girls kissing does not mean they are dating, or at all romantically involved. Why is the internet so quick to make those assumptions? If two are dating — great! And if they aren't — amazing! From the looks of it, the two Bellas are just very close friends who took a silly kissing picture together.
The two have clearly been close for a long time — there are dozens of pictures of them together on their respective Instagram pages. In many of them, they call each other "girlfriend," "soulmate," and "WCW." It's the same language many of us use to in reference to our closest friends. When you married your best friend on Facebook, did people think you'd actually tied the knot?
Screenshot: Via Instagram.
While Thorne has confirmed that she is bisexual, and thanked her fans for their support, she has not addressed the rumor that her new girlfriend is indeed this other Bella. And she doesn't have to. The real reason everyone is obsessing over the girls is because Pendergast also used to date Thorne's older brother, Remy.
Screenshot: Via Instagram.
It's also interesting to point out that Sulkin was recently on the cover of Gay Times Magazine. Sharing an image of himself on the cover, he wrote, "Proud to be a straight male on the cover of @gaytimesmag . Hopefully our world becomes more accepting as each day passes. I want anyone that is struggling with their sexuality or to be open about it, to realize one thing: it's okay."

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