Leslie Jones Met Rickon Stark & Schooled Him On Evasive Tactics

Last week, Leslie Jones had the chance to talk to Art Parkinson, who plays Prince Rickon Stark on Game of Thrones. So, she took the opportunity to impart some valuable wisdom — to his fictional character. In a series of amusing videos posted to Twitter, she documents their encounter.
As she greets him, he's told what everyone else was thinking during the episode when (SPOILER ALERT) he dies: He #shouldazigzagged to avoid Ramsay Bolton’s arrows.

Parkinson already knows this, though. Unfortunately, he's had to remind us, it wasn't his decision. "I just stick to the script!" he told The Hollywood Reporter." But in the moment, I really wanted him to make it. I put everything into it."

He and Jones hug in the end, so it looks like she believes he did what he could.

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