Update: Actor Who Plays Rickon Totally Knows He Should’ve Zigzagged

Update: Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon Stark on Game of Thrones, is well-aware that his character should have run in a zigzag to dodge Ramsay's arrows. The actor tweeted about it after Rickon was lambasted on Twitter for running in a straight line. Parkinson also spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Rickon's decision. "That's more of a question for the writers," he said. "I just stick to the script! But in the moment, I really wanted him to make it. I put everything into it."

This story was originally published on June 20 at 4:30 p.m.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. It turns out that just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't get ruthlessly roasted on Twitter. On last night's Game of Thrones, Rickon Stark meets his death at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. Before the Battle of the Bastards kicks off, Ramsay releases the youngest Stark and instructs him to run back to Jon Snow. Rickon begins walking, but Ramsay tells him to run. So he does. Rickon beelines straight to his big brother while Ramsay showers arrows down around him. The kid almost makes it, until he doesn't.
But fans don't seem to be mourning the young Stark all that much. They're actually pretty pissed at him for sprinting in a straight line. Apparently, if you're trying to avoid getting struck by flying arrows, you should run in an unpredictable way, like a zigzag, so that you're a tougher target to hit. Well, that makes total sense. But honestly, if a sadistic bastard like Ramsay were trying to kill us, we doubt we'd have sufficient wits about us to ponder the proper escape route.
Here are some of the most furious (and funniest) reactions Twitter has to offer.

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