35 Cheap Products The 1% LOVES

Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images.
News flash! Contrary to what you may have read at the nail salon or in the checkout line, celebrities are not just like us. Last time we checked, we didn't have a private chef, driver, or trainer — although we're totally open to all three — nor do we live in a gated community or vacation on yachts. (Again, we wouldn't mind...) But one way celebrities — even the richest, the most famous, the most successful, and the most otherworldly — actually do seem relatable? They love cheapie beauty scores that actually work.
Yes, even Kylie Jenner hits up her local CVS. Even Beyoncé runs out of shampoo. And when you're filming or singing or appearing in some random corner of the world, drugstores are likely your most reliable bet. What's more, celebrities are surrounded by the absolute best hairstylists and makeup artists in the world. You better believe that crew knows its way around a drugstore aisle.
That's why we're rounding up the products the rich and famous rave about and that we can actually afford. (Important note: None of the products that follow are ones the celebrity is paid to endorse. This is the real deal, people.) So check 'em out in the slides ahead. Yet another reason to frequent the drugstore: You never know who you'll meet in aisle 4.

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