Here's Your First Look At The New Gilmore Girls Reboot

Photo: Chris Polk/FilmMagic.
More and more details about your favorite ladies of Stars Hollow have surfaced. And this time they're pictorial.

Netflix released stills from the set of the upcoming four-part movie reboot of Gilmore Girls, and they've led to a number of conclusions: First of all, it looks like Emily Gilmore has kept her regal attitude; Rory Gilmore looks pretty at home in front of a classroom; Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes' relationship still seems like a match made in heaven; and town meetings are still a thing.

Last week we revealed a few spoilers from the reboot, and we also got the exciting news that Melissa McCarthy would be returning as Sookie St. James (at least for a cameo), which nearly rounds out the entire original cast.

Here's your first look at Stars Hollow 2.0.

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