15 Of The Most Popular American Shows Around The World

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American television shows are certainly popular beyond our borders. As part of its themed series called The Ratings Game, Vulture explores which shows attract the most eyeballs in other countries — and the results are pretty fascinating.

As is to be expected, TV aficionados in other countries are obsessed with newer series, like The Blacklist, Game of Thrones, and Modern Family. Meanwhile, one of our breakout hits shows is grabbing particular attention in Sweden, while the French are obsessed with a show that was canceled after only one season.

The Book of Negroes, a BET miniseries, did incredibly well in one surprising Eastern European country and Mexico is in love with one of our most critically lauded children's cartoons. And we're sure you will never guess which country ranks The Bold and the Beautiful as our No. 1 television export. As far as South Korea goes? Its favorite show is probably one of your favorites, too!

Click on and see what American exports are getting big love overseas.
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South Korea

In South Korea, many television viewers are gladiators in suits. Scandal is the most viewed American television show, with Dragons and Criminal Minds nipping at its heels.
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South Africa

The ins and outs of Modern Family thrill viewers in this country, but Vulture points out they're also very fond of a BET series called Second Generation Wayans — about the lesser-known nephews of the famous Wayans brothers. Okay!
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CSI: New York is the most popular show in Romania. Also popular: Drop Dead Diva and The Mentalist.
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Game of Thrones is as popular in Russia as it is in the United States. Russians also enjoy Once Upon a Time and The Librarians.
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Procedural shows are a hit in Hungary. The quirkiness of The Mentalist keeps Hungarian audiences entertained as their number-one American show. CSI: Miami and NCIS also show up in its top 10.
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Who doesn't love The Flash? Intense plotlines and a lovable superhero makes this show a hit in the United States and Spain. Vulture reports that The Flash enjoys a veritable ratings bonanza in España, as it should be.
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Nerds unite in Canada to make The Big Bang Theory the most-watched American show. CBS dominates Canada overall, though, according to Vulture. Other shows in Canada's top 10 include Criminal Minds and NCIS.
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Soap operas send droves of people to their television sets at noon in the United States. Italy has the same addiction. The Bold and the Beautiful is the most-watched American show in the country, Vulture says.
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United Kingdom

AMC's Humans is a hit in the United Kingdom. It's a collaboration between the U.K.'s Channel 4 and AMC, which may be the reason for its success, according to Vulture.
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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is nearing the end of its historic run and Germany can't get enough of the procedural drama. In fact, Germany seems to love action-packed shows like CSI. Its top 10 also includes NCIS and Criminal Minds.
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Brazilians loves the maniacal, twisted main character in The Blacklist. In fact, it's the top-rated American show in the country. Kids' shows also appeal to Brazilians, apparently. The top 10 programs also include Spongebob Squarepants and That's So Raven.
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The Book of Negroes was a BET miniseries focusing on slavery. It is a smash hit in Poland, alongside AD: The Bible Continues.
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USA's Mr. Robot has a core audience in America. That audience is rivaled by Sweden's fandom. True Detective is also a Swedish fan favorite.
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The theme song and characters are iconic, so it's no surprise that The Simpsons draws a large audience in Argentina. ER is also huge in Argentina, leading Vulture to conclude that the country is binging '90s television.
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Forever was canceled after one season in the United States, but it's found life in France, where it is currently the top-watched American program. Detective shows are the rage among the French. Person of Interest and The Mentalist round out its top three.

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