15 Of The Most Popular American Shows Around The World

Photo courtesy of ABC
American television shows are certainly popular beyond our borders. As part of its themed series called The Ratings Game, Vulture explores which shows attract the most eyeballs in other countries — and the results are pretty fascinating.

As is to be expected, TV aficionados in other countries are obsessed with newer series, like The Blacklist, Game of Thrones, and Modern Family. Meanwhile, one of our breakout hits shows is grabbing particular attention in Sweden, while the French are obsessed with a show that was canceled after only one season.

The Book of Negroes, a BET miniseries, did incredibly well in one surprising Eastern European country and Mexico is in love with one of our most critically lauded children's cartoons. And we're sure you will never guess which country ranks The Bold and the Beautiful as our No. 1 television export. As far as South Korea goes? Its favorite show is probably one of your favorites, too!

Click on and see what American exports are getting big love overseas.

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