50 Bright & Beautiful Snaps From New York's West Indian Day Parade

Photographed by Natalie Keyssar.
New York City's annual West Indian Day parade isn't just a moment for cultural celebration. Yes, there's tons of dancing to Caribbean staples like calypso and reggae; there's chowing down on native cuisine, like ackee and salt fish and callaloo; and there's hometown pride beaming across the faces of every single parade-goer. It's also a serious moment for costuming; for packing on a ridiculous amount of glitter, gems, feathers, and more, and taking to the streets for one wild and crazy — and totally colorful and creative — show.

This year's Labor Day celebration was nothing short of the expected myriad of rainbow headpieces and skimpy bikinis, mixed perfectly with a slice of hometown pride. Here, we saw women take their self-confidence and sartorial ingenuity to new heights, proving that a splash of Caribbean flare is exactly what the city needs as summer comes to an end. Click ahead to view the celebration.

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