It's Totally Normal To Cry Over This Wet Hot American Summer Trailer

Photo: Courtesy Netflix.
Attention campers: It's on.

Camp Firewood is back in session thanks to the release of the full trailer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. The eight-episode Netflix revival of the cult 2001 film is slated to air July 31, but you can get a preview of what's in store below.

Spoiler alert: Short shorts, feathered hair, borrowed diaphragms (still reeling), and homoerotic tension abound. The all-star cast includes favorites from the original (including Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, David Hyde Pierce, and Janeane Garofalo), plus Kristen Wiig and a charming newcomer by the name of Jon Hamm. That kid's going places.

Will the series live up to our love for the original? Fingers and toes crossed. Is it exciting to see basically everyone who was ever on The State back in action? Absolutely. Are we going to have to suspend disbelief that these guys are all teenagers? Er...probably.

Crank up the classic rock and watch below.
Video: Courtesy Netflix.

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