Netflix Is Testing Ads, But You Don't Need To Freak Out

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
One of the best things about a good Netflix binge is the total lack of commercials. You can seamlessly slide into show after show, interrupted only by a mouse click every couple of hours to let Netflix know you're still alive. Unfortunately, those commercial-free days may be numbered, as the company is beginning to test ads both before and after shows in very select markets.

But, before you throw your Snuggie to the floor in rage, it's not quite so bad: Netflix isn't going the Hulu route (selling annoying third-party ads — four Geico commercials in a row, anyone?). Instead, it's going the HBO route and touting its own shows during your marathon movie-watching.

“We are not planning to test or implement third-party advertising on the Netflix service," Netflix said in a statement. "For some time, we've teased Netflix originals with short trailers after a member finishes watching a show. Some members in a limited test now are seeing teases before a show begins."

When the news first broke, some folks were worried — because, despite record user-base growth and crazy levels of engagement (we streamed 10 billion hours of Netflix in the first quarter of this year), Netflix still isn't doing so hot financially. Profit from selling third-party advertisements would certainly help fix that issue. However, from an engagement standpoint, the lack of ads does make sense. Without them, there's nothing to remind you: Hey, maybe you should get off the couch and do something else. So, you just keep watching... and watching...

Thankfully, the Netflix gods have smiled upon us. For now, your marathon sessions of House of Cards are safe from geckos.

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