9 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Sex And The City

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June 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City, a revolutionary show about four independent women talking frankly about sex and their desires in New York. This story was originally published on March 25, 2016.
Designer labels, crazy outfits, and, well, Manolos: That's what Sex and the City is known for. Beauty doesn't typically pop into your head, unless you're thinking Carrie's Botticelli-esque head of hair. The ladies may have chatted about everything from funky spunk to shoe fetishes, but makeup was not an oft-discussed topic.
However, there are some serious beauty lessons to be learned from our favorite single Manhattanites (and Brooklynites: Never forget Miranda, the converted Park Slope mommy). SATC taught us to never trust New Yorkers who don't take the subway, but it also taught us how to properly hunt down a chemical peel. You may not have caught it on the first go-around, but given the chance, who turns down a reason to binge-watch revisit the show?
Ahead, find the sage foursome's untapped beauty advice.
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Use the wind to your advantage — especially when you're sashaying away from an ex.
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A really good lipstick — and quick compact check — will give you the power to do anything.
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Your confidence should never be defined by the length of your hair.
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Although she wasn't always the most financially sound, Carrie has a point. Go forth and restock your medicine cabinet now.
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Finding your new signature scent can get complicated — and overwhelmingly pungent.
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If you're thinking about dyeing your pubic hair, make sure you really think about it.
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Investing time into your orgasms means saving a ton of money on your facials.
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If you're not the type to go for Fifty Shades stuff — like Ms. York here — you can always "kink" your hair.
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Via Tenor.
Pre-party chemical peels should be done with caution — or at home.

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