Drake Lyrics Make For Perfect Texts With New Drizzy App

Photo: London News Pictures/REX USA.

We know Drake likes to sing about texting his exes. So,  those lyrics make pretty great candidates for actual text messages. A new app, Drizzy, makes that dream a reality.

Drizzy functions as a Drake-lyrics keyboard for your phone. Think of it as an extended emoji set. But, instead of kissy faces and eggplants, it's set into more clearly defined categories. Exes, Feels, Hustle, and Hate are all available options. (There's also a Random category for when you don't even know what you're feeling.) So, when your roommate's like "Are you alive? Haven't seen you in like two days," you can just respond that you're "Running through the 6 with my woes." 

You can also share the actual song from which the lyric-text is pulled via a Spotify feature. But, if your friends aren't gonna get your Drake reference, then maybe don't even bother sending the song.

You can download Drizzy for free here.

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