John Oliver Is Annoyed By Daylight Saving Time, Too

We know we're supposed to be excited about the prospect of actually seeing a glimpse of sunshine when we leave the office, but isn't this whole "spring forward" thing wearing thin? Surely we're not the only ones feeling grumpy about losing an hour of sleep and having to change all our clocks thanks to Daylight Saving Time. Plus, how typical is it that the one day to get short-changed by an hour was International Women's Day

John Oliver feels our pain. The talk show host devoted his latest Last Week Tonight  "How Is This Still A Thing?" segment to taking down Daylight Saving Time once and for all. Note: At the risk of being extremely offended, cows and Germans probably shouldn't watch the video below.

Apparently it's Kaiser Wilhelm, not farmers, who is to blame for DST. Though the time switch was originally intended as a fuel-saving measure, recent studies have shown an uptick in energy costs, car accidents, and work-related injuries. Also, it's just plain annoying. Can we make it stop?

Video: Courtesy HBO.
OPENER IMAGE: Courtesy Emily Shur/HBO.

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