10 Cold-Weather Trends To Start Trying NOW

At this point in the season, we can barely look at our winter clothes. We greet our coats in the morning with an exasperated grunt and, "you again." We love/hate (but mostly hate) our hats and gloves. And, if we have to wear our winter boots for one more day, our feet might detach from our bodies in protest. Suffice it to say: We need to reinvigorate our wardrobes.

That doesn't just mean buying new items that will be on sale as soon as the spring stock hits — which is already starting! It means pulling out some old favorites and reworking them to fit the trends we literally just spotted on the fall '15 runways at New York Fashion Week. These are the looks we'll all be turning to come fall, so we might as well get good at them now. 

If you thought you'd retire that bright-red sweater after Valentine's Day, considered fringe over (Spoiler alert: That will never happen.), or stashed that '80s-inspired, oversized coat in the back of your closet, think again. Once you thaw out your brain, a little forward thinking in the fashion department won't be so hard at all.

For all things Fashion Week around the world — including street style snaps, designer news, and the trends you'd actually wear — head over to Refinery29's Fashion Month hub.

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