In Search Of Carrots, I Found This Facial

om2Photo: Courtesy of Savor Spa.
I was wearing only a towel. My head was (clearly, in retrospect) on the wrong side of the spa treatment table. And, I couldn't think of a logical answer when the aesthetician, Stephanie, asked me why I wasn't underneath the covers. She'd even turned them down for me and everything. Yet, there I was, laying in a position so unwarranted and strange that Stephanie — who sees people at their most bare and vulnerable and bizarre — took pause. Welcome to my first facial.
A couple of years ago, The Body Shop discontinued my favorite carrot moisture cream. I've been searching for a replacement ever since, to no avail. What I loved so much about that face moisturizer was its vitamin A and beta-carotene; both ingredients are nourishing, rejuvenating, and come from — you guessed it — carrots. Plus, I loved the moisturizer's smell. So, when I heard that Savor Spa had created an Organic Carrot Rose Serum (and an Organic Carrot Rose Repair Facial to go with it) I couldn't resist. I was finally going to try a facial, and rediscover that long-lost carrot goodness; it was as if the stars had aligned.
So, I headed to Savor and the aforementioned awkward spa moment. Once I actually adopted the correct position on the table, Stephanie got to work. I won't lie: I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of steam involved. But, Stephanie noticed my discomfort right away and adjusted accordingly. She also customized my treatment to account for my red, windburned face — courtesy of a road race I'd done a couple of days prior. She started with Om Pearl cleanser, which was great for my sensitive skin. Next, a Rose Toner to fight wrinkles. There were also a couple of lavender-and-rose misting situations that doubled as aromatherapy. Stephanie followed up with the Carrot Rose Serum, a Truffle Face Cream to reduce fine lines, Caviar Eye Cream, and a Manuka Honey Rice Bran exfoliator. These ingredients combined to give me the smoothest skin of my life. I was even (very subtly) glowing.
I'm not sure I would switch to a serum from a cream, but the Carrot Rose Serum certainly made a convincing case. And, as Stephanie explained, the serum is a great option for my nighttime beauty routine, since skin absorbs the stuff more easily. Plus, many of my beauty products have worked their way into my arsenal by simple trial-and-error, so I see no reason not to give this serum a good test-drive, too. Welcome back, carrots — I've missed you.

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