The Coldest, Most Epic Tinder Match In History

tinder-inPhoto: Courtesy Tinder.
No, this isn't a tale about taking the J to hookup with a guy in Queens during the Polar Vortex. That's an entirely different kind of epic coldness. Rather, this is a somewhat more heartwarming story of the search for love (or just action) at the end of the earth.
As The Cut tells us, an American scientist stationed at Antarctica's McMurdo Station booted up Tinder — that wonderfully sketchy dating app — "just for fun." Lo and behold, in one of the iciest, most remote places on the planet, he actually matched with someone. Granted, it's not like she was a subway stop away. It would take a 45-minute helicopter ride over inhospitable conditions to get to her. No easy hookup.
Indeed, it turns out that the pair didn't "hook up" in the biblical sense, but merely met. This remains, however, the first Tinder match on the continent and, as The Cut suggests, a sign of more to come in the isolated, less-than-200-person Antarctic community. Hey, with six months of night and few outdoor activities to speak of, those people certainly have the time for it. (The Cut)

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