In The Future, Google Glass Will Help You Pick Up Guys At The Bar

google-glass-bigPhoto: Courtesy of Google.
Just imagine it — you walk into a tastefully lit gastropub (if they still have gastropubs in the near future), and a dude with a decent chin and a better shirt walks up and offers to buy you a drink. Boom! NameTag, a new application in development for Google Glass, snatches up this potential suitor's facial features and gets to work.
Using facial-recognition software, NameTag does all the googling you'd want to do at first contact and more. Instantly it scans pretty much any social network that could possibly feature this dude's face (and his decent chin).,,, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram reveal his likes, dislikes, relationship status, connections to your group of friends, and other tidbits. Does he like cheese? Now you know!
Simultaneously, it scans LinkedIn, so now you know what he does for a living, where he interned, and, potentially, his tax bracket. Oh, and just in case you're worried, it also scans sex offender registries. NameTag's lookin' out for you.
And so, by the time that first cocktail arrives, you'll be able to scan through a bible's worth of facts about that guy in the tailored jeans. Maybe, when this technology reaches its second or third iteration, you'll know whether you even want to talk to him at all. Heck, maybe a few years down the road, NameTag will give you so much information to both of you that you won't even have to talk at all — just sit there drinking in that warm silence that couples who've been married many years enjoy.
You know what, the future sounds pretty darn awful. Quick, everyone get to the bar and make bad, uninformed decisions before Google makes them impossible! (Daily Mail)

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