Tibi Does Tube-Sock Styling For Pre-Fall — Count Us In!

tibiPhoto: Courtesy of Tibi.
Tube socks don't exactly have a ton of styling cred. Maybe they're accepted as a staple on the soccer field or the basketball court, but the striped pairs are not a common choice for casual wear. However, Tibi's pre-fall '14 collection challenges that idea and makes a case for mixing tube socks with more than just gym shorts.
Paired with a monochrome, pastel-pink outfit, the socks are a quirky, cozy, and (naturally) sporty accompaniment that don't make it look like you just ran out of opaque tights. In fact, the chunky accessories may be the perfect playmates for swishy skirts, as they play down the prim and proper quality of the ladylike trend. In order to get your hands on this Tibi look — or the rest of the rad collection — you'll have to wait until it arrives in stores this summer. But, if you're ready to try your hands feet at the art of tube-sock styling, your closest sporting-goods store has all you need to get started.

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