If The Disney Princesses Had Instagram, The World Would Explode

instaprincess-embedPhoto: Courtesy of B for Bel.
Now, here's a question we've never asked until now: What if the Disney princesses had Instagram? Well, thanks to the site B for Bel's series of mockup Instagram accounts for all of our favorite animated damsels, we have your answer. Mulan posts a pic of her wedding — along with a quirky joke about Mushu not looking thrilled. Cinderella's throws up an #OOTD, which shows her massive, hot-pink tiered gown (and, yes, the little seamstress birds are fluttering around it). And, Jasmine's most recent post is of her house (a.k.a. the royal palace), under which the caption reads, "Home sweet home :) Can't wait to snuggle with Raja").
So, here's what we've deduced from this frightening/amazing hypothesis: If the Disney heroines had Instagram, there would be a lot more selfies in the world, they might get framed by Rich Kids Of Instagram, and all talk of Justin Bieber's account would definitely die down. The possible outcomes are endless, but we'll leave you with a few we've been toiling over: What if Ariel could post pics of every new whosit and whatsit she acquires? Or, Cinderella could post a #TBT of a time before her evil stepsisters existed? Feel free to add on to this. (B for Bel)

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