Put That Leftover Halloween Candy To Good Use

Okay, yes, we're guilty of buying an enormous bag of Halloween candy each year, regardless of how many trick-or-treaters we're actually expecting. It's just one of those secrets of adulthood: We don't believe in missing out on the candy just because we're too old to go door to door. But, at the end of the day, we know we don't need to eat every last piece of candy lying around.
Anyway, the point being, this XOVain tutorial on how to turn excess Halloween candy into a perfectly good body scrub is fascinating. It even combines both hard candies and chocolate to create a texture that will definitely get the exfoliating job done.
So, will we be sacrificing our candy for the greater good of achieving smooth skin? Well, honestly, we haven't decided yet...but this is definitely a compelling reason to do so. (XOVain)
xovain linkoutPhoto: Via XOVain.

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