How Well Do You Know Coco Chanel? These Videos Fill Us In

We enjoy sharing knowledge on the fashion front, letting our inner fashion geeks sing with the tidbits of history we've picked up from years of learning about our favorite designers. But, today, we all can sit back and take in a little history with Chanel's just-released videos that document the life and times of Gabrielle Chanel.
From her "country-girl" start to launching a fashion empire, there's some info we knew already, but we enjoyed hearing all of it. Plus, with Chanel's special touch, including an archive of amazing photographs and eye-popping graphics, we basically feel like we've been sitting through one of the coolest history classes since senior year of college.
Of course, Karl Lagerfeld also plays a part in this story, wrapping up this collection of five videos with his take on Coco's legacy and style. Sit back, press play, and take notes, if you'd like.
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