Don't Waste Your $$$: Find Out Which Cleansing Balm Is Actually Worth It

You've probably noticed that we're always down to try out a new product. But, sometimes there are just so many different kinds of a product that we're truly overwhelmed — and we aren't always thrilled at the thought of potentially sacrificing our skin while on the hunt for the perfect whatever. So, we're pretty stoked that Christina Han over at The Cut has done the dirty work for us, and tested out a whole pile of cleansing balms in order to find the best one.
On a scale of "Not Recommended" to "Highly Recommended," she walks us through her cleansing balm journey in detail, and we really appreciate it. Not quite sure what the heck a cleansing balm is? "Formulated with a blend of essential oils and some sort of solid (often beeswax, other times mud), the formula polishes skin (especially when used in conjunction with a muslin cloth) while leaving it feeling hydrated and soft." The application is more involved than just washing one's face — a cleansing balm is applied to your dry face and then rinsed off with water and a wash cloth. We only rarely have that kind of time, and when we do, we want it to count. Hence the reluctance to go on a similar cleansing balm quest.
Check out the reviews and let us know if you'll be trying any of these skin-perfecting products. (The Cut)
cleansing balmsphoto: via the cut.

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