Your Personal Assistant...For $25

Fancy-Hands-2Photo: Courtesy of Fancy Hands.
We're not sure how our to-do list got so long, but it did. And it's giving us an anxiety attack. So, on more than one occasion, we've wished we had our own personal assistant. Even just for like, two weeks. Well, a new personal-assistant service allows you to have a helper, even though you're not a famous person.
Founder Ted Roden's Fancy Hands sets you up with someone to do all those miscellaneous yet important things: book a car to the airport, change your haircut appointment, email your mom. Basically, they can do anything that doesn't have to be done in person. So, they may not be able to bring your package to FedEx for you, but they can certainly arrange for a pickup online.
Why are we hopping on this service? Because it's wallet-friendly — $25 gets you 5 requests from your P.A. for the month —and we're also totally inspired by those people who manage to set up their doctors appointments, call their cable companies, get a reliable dog walker, and keep an exciting social calendar without breaking a sweat.

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