Window Shopper: The Bootie We Can't Stop Thinking About

WindowShopper_bootLuna Boot, £143, available at Miista.
Ah, shoes. How we love ‘em. Heels, flats, brogues, boots — they fill our wardrobes and empty our wallets. And yet, we constantly hunt for more.
Over here at R29 London HQ, there's one go-to that we always rely on to satisfy our insatiable appetites for foot-candy. Miista is easily one of our favourite brands to rise out of Hackney in a long time. The London label, which is quickly traversing the gap from underground to mainstream, is full of colour, creativity, and kitschy detailing.
We’ve picked out this boot as just one from a plethora of fall ’13 styles we adore, as it just whispers versatility, no? Office, tick. Bar, check. Date night, totally. The weekly shop, obviously. Tell us we’re wrong. At just £143, we totally just justified it for you.

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